What are the steps and cycle of building an Application mobile application?

What are the steps and cycle of building an Application mobile application?

In a world where smart phones have become the most used devices, and many people spend hours in front of them, all companies and people have tended to make it possible to provide and request their services through mobile applications or web applications.

And the mobile application remains the most effective and efficient because it provides ease of use as well as prevents the user from being distracted and gives him a smooth experience, but many do not know how to start creating their application and what is the application building cycle. In fact, there are four steps in the application building cycle, which are as follows:

Search and choose an executing company to build the application
The construction phase and the role of the application owner in it
Delivery and post-delivery services
Application management and legal legitimacy

These are the main steps, and we will talk about them in detail without going into technical matters. You want to build an application. Your goal is to know what the mechanism for building applications, managing them, and their requirements. Let's start with the first step.

Searching and choosing an executing company to build the application: This is the first step, and based on it, we will determine the progress of the next steps, their efficiency, and the efficiency of the application itself, which is divided into several stages as well.
How do you search for a suitable company? When you are looking for an implementing company, it is better not to look at its customers and how big they are, but to ask the company itself about its experience in your field, sometimes you find companies building applications that cooperate with international companies, but in very simple projects, and you can find one of their clients is a small company, but its project was complex Extremely.

After that, you can choose a group of companies that you see fit and start negotiating with them to reach the best price, but before that you can sign a non-disclosure agreement so that your idea is preserved in the event that you do not agree with any company on the price and go to the other.

Then the negotiations move to the other level, in which the company knows all your requirements and all the details, and you listen to their suggestions. Sometimes there are specific technical details about the project and its requirements that you do not know, but because of experience they know exactly what your project needs, and in the end a file containing all the information about the project is drafted and sent For the project manager who meets with the work team and who sets the exact price

How is the price determined? The price is always linked to the services you need and want to add, and there is no fixed price always. The application is worked on by programmers, server engineers, as well as designers, and based on your requirements, each of them determines the number of hours he needs to complete those requirements, and based on the number of hours, the full price is determined.

The important point in this regard is that what you see from the application mostly represents only from 10% to 20%. There is hidden work related to building servers, databases, control panels, etc., and all of these things require time and consume the bulk of the effort. As for the interface, it is basically designed to be easy and simple. to the user.

That is why you can find two applications that have the same appearance and almost perform the same services, but one of them has a cost of developing it that may reach ten times the other because its hidden capabilities are exponentially greater.

And you can control the pricing on your part by determining the size of the server that you need and the level of security that you want to add, although it is often the matter of the nomination of the executing company, which is more experienced than you in this field.

If your application hosts a large amount of data and serves a large number of users, then you will definitely need a large capacity and highly efficient server. The level of security also varies according to the type of application.

If your application is just to display general information to customers and introduce the company’s services, then you certainly do not need a high level of security because there is no data to steal, unlike your application that needs to record personal and banking data, then you will need a server with high security specifications and certainly all of this will affect the price, but as we said all these details from The specialty of the company and it will always recommend what suits you

The stage of building the application and the role of the owner of the application in it: If you think that once you sign the contract with the company, your role is over, then you are wrong, as there are two very important roles for you with the work team once they start
Choosing designs, interfaces, and colors: Building applications takes place in two parts. The first is related to the software part, and this is related to databases and servers, as well as the basic tasks that the application performs. All these details are mentioned in the contract, and therefore you will not need them, but the need for you will be in the part related to design.

Choosing the shape of the interfaces and the shape of the icons must be in consultation with you in case you want to try something new or want to move certain icons and place them in a different place, and this certainly means that you have become a member of the work team, but sometimes there are punitive conditions in the contract for the owner of the application in case he ignores the work team And not cooperating with them, because the company has reserved a number of employees for you for certain hours, and therefore your delay means the delay in receiving time and the delay in other company projects.

Reviewing the name to meet the correct criteria: Most of the application owners have pre-names for their applications, but you need to review this with the implementing company, as there are certain criteria for the correct name that companies always know and recommend to you.

Among these criteria is that the name be short in the number of words and at the same time easy to pronounce, memorize and write to all the groups it targets, and that the name has a meaning for the function it provides, but this point is sensitive.

In the event that the name expresses the service it provides, you can find many applications with the same name or similar to it and perform almost the same service, and therefore this may benefit you on the near level and you will get a large number of downloads, but on the remote level it will not be distinguished.

The distinguished name creates your own brand for you on a long-term level, even if it does not represent the service that you provide, but with good marketing, it can benefit


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